Fishing is one of the most important recreation activities in Metairie and the Greater New Orleans area. The great Mississippi river flows by it enriching the habitat with lots of fishes and creatures. It is a place where you will get both salty and fresh water, and you will get diverse species of seafood. Most of the water bodies are accessible by roads, and you can fish here free of cost. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has the sole authority for issuing fishing licenses, and one can apply for it online. Some recreation stores also have the agency of it. One must be minimum 16 years old to get a license. License for freshwater fishing is available at $9.50. License for brackish water fishing is separately available for $5.50 per head. Firstly, we will talk about the saltwater spots.

Lake Pontchartrain: Metairie borders Lake Pontchartrain, which is one of the richest bodies of water for fish and shellfish. Although there are miles of lakefront, there are only a few places to fish from the shore. Most people use boats to fish or catch crabs or shrimp. The crabs from Lake Pontchartrain are the blue crabs that are popularly used in crab cakes in restaurants around the area and throughout the U.S.

Elmer’s Island Refuge: It is a sandy beach where you can drive on your car and fish comfortably sitting by the banks. It encompasses nearly 250 acres of the area which is huge. To come to her e, you have to take HWY 1 and follow the route towards Grand Isle, and on the right side, you will have found Elmer’s Island road which ends up at your destination. Specks, white trout, red and black drum, flounder are mostly found here, and you can catch different species of crabs too. Live baits are recommended for the best fishing experience which we can bring from home or buy from Bridgeside Marina. Here only daytime fishing is allowed.

The Mandeville Fishing Pier: It is situated by Monroe street where you can reach driving through the causeway. It is officially called Sunset Point Fishing Pier. Its main attraction is the nice parking area, fish cleaning tables, restroom, and walkways. This fishing point is accessible for 24 hours, and it looks fantastic during an evening when the reflection of lights falls on the water. All types of saltwater species including crabs are available here for fishing. A mild breeze through north makes fishing more enjoyable and interesting here.

City Park Lagoon: This is the best freshwater fishing spot in the metropolitan area. This place is extremely child-friendly, Eco-friendly and has a lot of spaces. Baits, live worms, and cricket are used for fishing, and the most famous catchable species is Rio Grande perch. Among all the spots in the City Park, the most famous one is City Park Casino spot.

Bogue Chitto Wildlife Refuge: This is one of the important freshwater spots of New Orleans, and it is also popular among kids who love fishing. US Fish and Wildlife Service keeps the pond reserved for a whole day to organize a kid’s fishing event in June. This spot is situated in St. Tammany Parish at Pearl River Turnaround. Catfish, bass, bream, sac-a-lait are most available for fishing. You will feel a countryside like atmosphere to enjoy fishing to the fullest.

Fishing in New Orleans has an old tradition and heritage and that is because of its large variety of habitats which reflects too in the native cuisine. In any favorite dish of renowned restaurants of New Orleans, you will find seafood like shrimp, catfish, crawfish etc. which says a lot. So, pack your bags and come to New Orleans to rediscover the world of fishing.